Tel: (01843) 590005
Tel: (01843) 590005

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Through the success of my YouTube video, "Easiest Swing In Golf," and my book, "Positive Impact Golf," I have been contacted by an ever-increasing number of golfers with compliments about both the book and the video and they often ask for help.

I had successfully helped a few golfers in the past via email and decided to offer online coaching to these new people. You can see comments on how effective they have found this service.

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Mike Bubany
from Minnesota
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TeeTreating each person as an individual is of the utmost importance. This is not a series of pre-prepared responses. The game of golf is played differently by different people and my service reflects this by being tailored specifically to you and is based upon your needs, your strengths and your weaknesses.

You will be asked to fill out a form to give me some background information about you and your game and return it to me. Once your application has been accepted you will receive an invoice via PayPal with instructions about taking and sending videos of your swing. After I confirm payment, I then ask you some questions based on the information you've provided and then we can start the process. If at this time you are not confident of benefitting from online coaching you simply don't sign up.

Experience has taught me that there is an ever growing number of people playing golf around the world who have a lot of knowledge about the golf swing but suffer from a total lack of understanding about their own swing. Modern teaching has a strong tendency to overload golfers with technical information. Add to this the same tendencies in books, DVDs, YouTube videos and golf magazines and you will easily appreciate how this combines to prevent you from making progress. How can you enjoy golf in these circumstances?

The benefit of my core philosophy of de-cluttering your golfing mind and releasing you from the negative effects of thinking too much is quite simple. You will enjoy your golf much more!

I will be your personal guide to a clear understanding of your own swing and to you discovering your own best way of playing the game.

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