Tel: (01843) 590005
Tel: (01843) 590005

Personal Coaching With Brian Sparks

Brian uses his deep knowledge and experience in golf to make the golf swing simple. He rejected traditional thinking over 30 years ago having been a Swing Instructor & Examiner with the British PGA. He did this because he had the insight to question the way golf was being taught and in the search for easier ways of helping people to play the game in a more digestible and effective way.

Here is a short summary of the benefits of Brian's special ability to guide you to a more enjoyable game, based on his 47 years in golf as a tour player and club pro:

Brian has studied the art of helping others to learn and improve at golf for nearly half a century. He is at the forefront of modern coaching techniques.

Brian's unique ability is to combine the simple philosophies of the early golfers, such as Harry Vardon and Ernest Jones, with the current science-based understanding that we humans don't learn well when teachers over-complicate their subject.

His core beliefs revolve around US PGA coach Fred Shoemaker's quote: "Michelangelo went to a block of marble and took away all that wasn't David." Brian helps you to identify and get rid of debilitating techniques that are not apt for you and your body.

He also uses the insightful formula developed by Inner Game Coaching founder, Tim Gallwey:

P=p-i (Performance = Potential minus Interference).

You can hit good shots some times so why does this ability suddenly disappear? Brian will help you answer that question.

Brian is so confident that you will enjoy significant progress that he promises to refund anyone who doesn't.
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Albert Einstein said

If you can't explain
it simply, you don't
understand it well

He also gave this
definition of insanity:

Doing the same
thing over and
over again and
different results.

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